Hillsborough: 25 Years On

Alex Livesey

Justice for the 96. Never forgotten.

On April 15th, 1989, 96 Liverpool supporters lost their lives at the FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough Stadium. Reds across the world unite today, the 25th anniversary of the tragedy, to remember the lives lost, the impact the disaster has had on the club, and the continued fight for justice. It's been another busy year in the continued fight for justice, and one that's seen significant progress as inquests continue.

For those unfamiliar, the Hillsborough Family Support Group website offers a comprehensive background of the events of that day, as well as the work that's been done over the course of the past 25 years.

The official website offers special tributes and viewings throughout the day, capped by the annual service at Anfield. The original airing of the service was cut short due to the restrictions related to ongoing inquests, but it will re-air again for free on LFCTV at 9:30PM BST/4:30PM EST. If you haven't taken the time out in years past to watch, it's well worth making a point to do so. They've got excellent--albeit heartbreaking--content throughout the website, as do many of the Liverpool-focused sites across the internet.

Among the letters the club gathered on the 20th anniversary, this one stands out:

I find it hard to believe that twenty years have gone by since I last held you or heard your echoing around our home. I miss everything that was you, and like most mums adored her son.

Thank you Rick for making me so proud to be your mum and for 25 wonderful years of love, laughter and lots of fun. Yes I wanted more, so much more but until we meet again you are always on my mind and forever in my heart.

It's obviously a difficult day for Liverpool and its supporters, and especially so for the families and loved ones of those that lost their lives. But it's also a day of great pride in the strength of the bonds that have been created in a football club that does so much for its members and supporters, both on and off the pitch. You'll Never Walk Alone is always meaningful for Liverpool supporters, but every year on this date it means even more.

First, the pre-match from Sunday's win over Manchester City, followed by the documentary from LFCTV that aired on the 20th anniversary. Reminder that those stateside can also watch ESPN's 30 for 30: Hillsborough at 8:00PM EST.

LFCTV Documentary starts here:

1. John Alfred Anderson­ (62)
2. Colin­ Mark Ashcroft (19)
3. James­ Gary Aspinall (18)
4. Kester­ Roger Marcus Ball­ (16)
5. Gerard­ Bernard Patrick Baron­ (67)
6. Simon Bell (17)
7. Barry Sidney­ Bennett (26)
8. David John Benson (22)
9. David William Birtle (22)
10. Tony Bland (22)
11. Paul­ David Brady (21)
12. Andrew­ Mark­ Brookes (26)
13. Carl­ Brown­ (18)
14. David­­ Steven­ Brown (25)
15. Henry­­ Thomas Burke (47)
16. Peter­ Andrew­­ Burkett (24)
17. Paul­ William­­ Carlile (19)
18. Raymond­­ Thomas Chapman (50)
19. Gary­­ Christopher Church (19)
20. Joseph­ Clark­ (29)
21. Paul Clark­ (18)
22. Gary Collins (22)
23. Stephen­ Paul Copoc (20)
24. Tracey Elizabeth Cox (23)
25. James­ Philip Delaney (19)
26. Christopher Barry Devonside (18)
27. Christopher Edwards (29)
28. Vincent Michael Fitzsimmons (34)
29. Thomas Steven Fox (21)
30. Jon-Paul Gilhooley (10)
31. Barry Glover (27)
32. Ian Thomas Glover­ (20)
33. Derrick­ George Godwin (24)
34. Roy Harry­ Hamilton (34)
35. Philip­ Hammond (14)
36. Eric­ Hankin (33)
37. Gary Harrison­ (27)
38. Stephen Francis­ Harrison (31)
39. Peter Andrew Harrison (15)
40. David Hawley (39)
41. James Robert Hennesey (29)
42. Paul Anthony Hewitson (26)
43. Carl Darren Hewitt (17)
44. Nicholas Michael Hewitt (16)
45. Sarah Louise Hicks (19)
46. Victoria Jane Hicks (15)
47. Gordon Rodney Horn (20)
48. Arthur Horrocks (41)
49. Thomas­ Howard (39)
50. Thomas Anthony­ Howard (14)
51. Eric George­ Hughes (42)
52. Alan­ Johnston (29)
53. Christine Anne Jones (27)
54. Gary­ Philip­ Jones (18)
55. Richard­ Jones­ (25)
56. Nicholas Peter­ Joynes­ (27)
57. Anthony Peter­ Kelly­ (29)
58. Michael David­ Kelly (38)
59. Carl David Lewis (18)
60. David William Mather (19)
61. Brian Christopher Mathews (38)
62. Francis Joseph McAllister (27)
63. John McBrien (18)
64. Marion Hazel McCabe (21)
65. Joseph Daniel McCarthy (21)
66. Peter McDonnell (21)
67. Alan McGlone (28)
68. Keith McGrath (17)
69. Paul­ Brian­ Murray (14)
70. Lee­ Nicol (14)
71. Stephen Francis­ O'Neill­ (17)
72. Jonathon­ Owens (18)
73. William Roy­ Pemberton (23)
74. Carl­ William Rimmer­­ (21)
75. David­ George Rimmer­ (38)
76. Graham John­ Roberts­ (24)
77. Steven Joseph­ Robinson­ (17)
78. Henry Charles­ Rogers (17)
79. Colin­ Andrew Hugh­ William Sefton­ (23)
80. Inger Shah­ (38)
81. Paula Ann Smith (26)
82. Adam­ Edward Spearritt (14)
83. Philip­ John Steele (15)
84. David Leonard­ Thomas (23)
85. Patrik­ John Thompson­ (35)
86. Peter Reuben Thompson (30)
87. Stuart Paul William Thompson (17)
88. Peter Francis Tootle (21)
89. Christopher James Traynor (26)
90. Martin Kevin Traynor (16)
91. Kevin Tyrrell (15)
92. Colin Wafer (19)
93. Ian David Whelan (19)
94. Martin Kenneth Wild (29)
95. Kevin Daniel Williams (15)
96. Graham John Wright (17)

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