Daniel Sturridge Loves Everything and Everyone

BFFF -- Best Effing Friends Forever. - Laurence Griffiths

Some famous sons of Liverpool once sang that all you need is love, and while that may not be entirely true, Daniel Sturridge routinely demonstrates that loving with abandon can do you a world of good.

trill: to be true to one’s self and real with all – combination of true and real. its also a sound that many a disney princess make when they’re falling in love or are super happy with birds and shit.

~ latortillablanca

I've been struggling to name a certain je ne sais quoi quality about Daniel Sturridge every time I have the unfettered joy of writing about him. There's something so enthusiastic, so genuine, and so positive about him, and it wasn't until the eternally poetic LTB shared the concept of "trill" yesterday that it finally clicked. This was the word I had been searching for to describe a player who is true and real and super happy with (Liver)birds and shit.

By contrast, in a lengthy interview covering Sturridge's aspirations with England's national team and his fellow internationals at club level, the striker was candid about some of the not-so-shiny feelings he's experienced in his career and how far he's come since then.

"There was a time, only a couple of years ago, when I was scared I would be lost to the game," Sturridge lamented. "I had fallen out of love with football when I could not get in the team at Chelsea. To stand so close to the World Cup, in the hope I will be playing for it this summer, made me appreciate the journey I’ve been on.

"Playing football is the one place where I’ve always felt at home, been able to express myself, felt able to be outlandish. I would say I am misunderstood because I am actually very outgoing, I like to have fun."

None of this should be surprising to Liverpool fans, as this is the only version of Sturridge they've ever known. To say he's clearly in love with the game once again would be an understatement of epic proportions. Sturridge is, to use the cliché, enjoying his football immensely, deeply, and fervently. It's a feeling he extends to his teammates, speaking of them with the same enthusiasm he does everything else.

"I’ve grown up with Jordan Henderson in international age groups," said the lively striker. "Raheem Sterling is like a little brother and I’m very close to him, Glen Johnson is a top-class player and then there’s James Bond... Stevie has got the lot, hasn’t he?

"If ever there was a player who deserved to finish his career with a Premier League winner’s medal or a World Cup winner’s medal it’s Steve Gerrard."

If you're having vision problems due to the hearts in your eyes, join the club. It's been very clear that team unity is at an all time high this season, and with Sturridge in the dressing room it's not hard to envision him being a major reason why. We've got a lot of time for Daniel Sturridge around these parts, including any and all sounds he makes as he continues to fall in love with his club, Disney princess style. #redordead

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