Predictions Needed - premier league week 30

Here are the predictions I need from all of you! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I'll get to work on a massive update now, so expect one today in the comments below. And in the mean time get these predictions in so as not to miss out on any points!

The best way to do well in this competition is to ENTER AS SOON AS YOU SEE THE PREDICTIONS, because if you put it off until later, you might forget, and if you forget a week or two, it can really hurt your chances of silverware!

Get these in ASAP

Hull City v Man City
Everton v Cardiff City
Fulham v Newcastle
Southampton v Norwich City
Stoke City v West Ham
Sunderland v Crystal Palace
Swansea City v West Brom
Aston Villa v Chelsea
Man United v Liverpool
Tottenham v Arsenal

These games will be played beginning in 2 days so get your answers in ASAP!


Also, only a couple of you have entered your Europa predictions so far. These games are TODAY so please get these in now if you didn't yet. 2 chances of silverware here because you can go for the Cup itself and also the LMS.

Get these in ASAP

Please note, that for all European ties, the teams play 2 full games, one home and one away, and the final score is added together from both games (known as "aggregate") to determine who progresses. You should not predict the result of the first leg, or the second leg. You should predict the overall, aggregate score after both legs have been played. So if the first leg ends 1-1 and the second leg ends 2-2, the correct score prediction is 3-3, and will be worth 3 points. But any other "draw" scoreline you predict will get you 1 point instead.

NOTE: When you do pick a DRAW, please also write a winning team. IF the tie ends in a draw after 2 legs as you predicted, then you will get a bonus point if the team you selected, progresses from the tie. Regardless of whether that progression is on away goals, in extra time, or on penalties... you do not need to specify which. Just pick the final overall aggregate scoreline of the tie, and IF you pick a draw, also write which team you think will progress. If you pick a scoreline other than a draw, you obviously do not need to write which team will win, as your predicted score will indicate that.

Basel v FC Red Bull Salzburg
FC Porto v Napoli
Ludogorets Razgrad v Valencia CF
AZ Alkmaar v Anzhi Makhachkala
Juventus v Fiorentina
Lyon v Viktoria Plzen
Sevilla v Real Betis
Tottenham v Benfica

These are the people still involved in LMS Europa, although even if you are not, you should still enter because you could be added to LMS, you could be a round winner, or better yet you could win the whole Europa... nothing is impossible.

hammad.kimi O v Bonemachine X
partlydave B v bjorn hof O
Mason F v Derek F
Julie F v El Draco B
DarkStrike L v Fox
Suso L v Karma F
Stefan F v Matteborn X
Oldsniperwolfy96 B v CULDOIRED L

Bonus games:
KingReptile X v Zinedine5Zidane X v StevieG-MBE L v new player #1
Kenny F v Canners L v Angel SL v new player #2

Please make any posts here geared towards creating discussion. Any works that are copied and pasted from other sites will be deleted. This isn't a place to advertise services or your blog, it's an extension of our site. Please treat it as such.

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