Cornerstone confusion (and a 'return to TLO after a few days' rant)

I've been away for a while and over the course of some Monday Morning Coffee posts I'll share some stories, reflections and hopefully a spoonful of humor or two. The reason for this Fan Post is something very different. Please excuse me if I repeat anything that has already been expressed on TLO recently but I haven't even been a TLO lurker while here goes.

The dismal display that was at the very least 45 minutes long last Saturday, added to a phrase 'Regista' which is already irritating me,plus some faded memories,have all suddenly bought me to a sense of cornerstone confusion.

Brendan has talked a lot since becoming Liverpool's manager and,even though I have great faith in him and admiration especially for the team and individual spirit he seems to have nurtured,I also find some of his insights a little conflicting and possibly naive (even I find that hard to accept though).

It was revealed a while back that Brendan made the decision to remove Andy Carroll from the squad asap because he wanted to free up Suarez and 'build the team around him'. Carroll's presence certainly did encourage some very desperate long ball assaults from Liverpool and that took so much away from Suarez's game which we are finally getting to see flourish.

The importance of Suarez was made even clearer with the hard stance taken in refusing to budge even when an extra pound was tossed Liverpool's way by Arsenal.

Then there was the partnership of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge.... when both available Brendan changed our formation to 3 CB's to allow for the 2 up front.It would seem from this that now the team was being built around the 2 forwards with neither being moved out wide in a 4-3-3.

Then there has been the obvious 'play Stevie at all costs'...meaning yet another 'build a team around' player. The game against Villa was the most frustrating to endure because I reckon everyone...and I mean EVERYONE could see that our line up was there to be torn apart... Hendo and Gerrard as our midfield? what were you thinking Brendan? ah yes a Pirloregistaesque Stevie up until he is 40 is what...right?

Villa used Benteke to be their forward pivot...he was the focus of all their forward movement from where the others made the runs as he held the ball and passed to others which always allowed Villa to escape any pressure we applied (which wasn't much).

We on the other hand had a un-protected Gerrard as our DM who was targeted for his renowned slowness and need for that extra touch. Lucas just breaks up play,sits between the 2 CB's allowing the fullbacks to push up and also makes the simple passes to ensure we move from defense to attack swiftly and controlled.... Gerrard doesn't do any of that.

This shackled Hendo from his recent tool set of making strong runs into the box and some glorious counter attacking passes....which in hand broke the link for fluid moves and sustained pressure.

If 2 forwards was to be our focal point for formation etc then we needed to be set up to utilize that fact....we weren't.

We do have the added burden of injuries, especially on the left side of defense. I look forward to seeing Enrique partner up with Coutinho on the left again. We also have a Johnson Doppelganger on the right who can't play football and our best outlet from the back imo Sakho whose assured passing and strong presence has been badly missed.

So,what's my point you may's simple really.

Brendan needs to stick to one cornerstone from which the team is built around imo because it's becoming a little confusing. Whatever that is he should stick to it whenever possible. When that is established then the whole team can be balanced in a way in which to make full use of 'the cornerstone' from where the team/tactics are built upon.

Please make any posts here geared towards creating discussion. Any works that are copied and pasted from other sites will be deleted. This isn't a place to advertise services or your blog, it's an extension of our site. Please treat it as such.

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