The Week in Comments: So Many Moses Jokes

"A Norwegian Male Voice Choir perform prior to the Barclays Premier League match between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield on September 01, 2013 in Liverpool, England." Because of course. - Alex Livesey

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Victor Moses Joins Liverpool

Moses vs. Jesus
When LFC’ll play Man City!
— Lucasinho

"Is That It?" A Transfer Window Recap

Phil Coutinho said before the recent Liverpool – Man Utd Derby that he didn’t know who David Moyes was before he came to England.
Turns out, no player worthy of note across Europe knew who he is either!
— Manwe

Arrival Profile: Mamadou Sakho

Did my Lucas jersey arrive today, you ask? YES. YES IT F’ING DID.
Am I currently wearing it in my office like the Crystal Palace owner, you’d like to know? YES, YES I AM.
Am I more excited than I should be... ? Probably, just a little bit.
— ejbauer

Arrival Profile: Victor Moses

"However, I think I've come down squarely in the pro-Moses camp."
Me too. Hopefully those of us in the pro-Moses camp won’t be left out to dry, wandering aimlessly for the next 40 matches, hungry for goals.
— HisGiftedRightFoot

What Now For Liverpool?

Your transformation since the sale of Downing
is astonishing.
— Khaine on Luis Suarez Dentist's incredible positivity of late

Gerrard: "The Dream Would be to Manage Liverpool"

but seriously, what i truly hope is happening at liverpool right now with Brenny is that we’re getting back into the groove of having a manager for ages. eons. measurements of time that cannot be measured with our puny human technologies. and if we can do that then i am much less concerned about stevie ruining his legacy/relationship with the club by going into management, because we’ll have that old school setup and approach for how we come up with managers.

training managers and players – now thats sommat else. thats sommat that no amount of petrol bucks can buy you.
— latortillablanca

On Kolo Touré and Being an Excellent Teammate

No the drug test failed Kolo.
— Nebhamoo, on the subject of Kolo Toure's failed drug test.

Henderson: "I'll Try to Push On"

Not a single hair out of place.
— maninblack

Damien Comolli And The Power Of Self Delusion

1st place IS in the top 8 though
— Khaine, on Comolli's opinion that Liverpool are a Top 8 club.

Shoutout to Geoff Twentyman and steve.b.jensen for their lengthy and quality comments over the last week, too.

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment this week?

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