Don't Blame Suarez (poll)

Still have a soft spot for Suarez? Think he might be a valuable asset on the field? Tired of hating on someone you've invested plenty of emotion in over the last few seasons? Looking for someone to blame besides his petulant self? Why not blame his agent? Agents make great scapegoats they're fireable as kindling and there's no emotional attachment between them and the fans. I say we offer Suarez's agent Pere Guardiola up for blame. I've got a few excuses already lined up plus the backing of this article and most probably a few master articles of apologetics due to follow from disappointed Liverpool fans. As for my excuses as to why none of this is Suarez's fault.

  1. Suarez is clearly a moron, this should be apparent from his ill informed actions.
  2. Surely it must be someone's job to take care of his decision making. I nominate his agent.
  3. Suarez doesn't have a particularly glowing reputation mostly cause he bit a guy and was accused of racial abuse. In light of this fact, his marketability has suffered immeasurably. If Suarez had any sensible advice from his camp, including Mr. Guadiola, he would've made an attempt to resurrect people's goodwill, maybe by rescuing puppies or giving orphans candy, instead he decided to try and force a transfer from the one club that forgave his misdeeds.
  4. Clearly Suarez has no concept of reality. Who let him continue to live in his pleasant impervious bubble? Probably Mr. Guardiola.
  5. Who could possibly blame the English press for harassment as his main reason for leaving Liverpool, immediately followed by a request to join a different team in London? Only someone with a poor grasp of geography. Who's job was it to teach Suarez a little bit about geography? Probably Mr. Guardiola.
  6. Who advised Suarez to go back to the selfsame English press in an attempt to force a move to Arsenal? Probably Mr. Guardiola.
As you can see nothing that Suarez has done to alienate everyone has been his fault. Please vote in the following poll so we can determine who is really at fault for the protracted Suarez saga.

The choices:

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