The Liverpool Offside Official Drinking Game

Edit: 8/27/13


If kick off is prior to 0730 (7:30 AM) at your location a single caffeinated beverage is required to be at least partially consumed prior to the 15th minute.

At least 1 liquor drink (straight or mixed drink)

At least one beer/malt beverage

If Liverpool are playing a team in some random cup competition that should be pretty easily beaten and Liverpool field a particularly strong squad. Bring waaay more to drink than you think you'll need.

Each rule will have an indication of ( beer, liquor, fielders choice, both) of which beverage to consume and when.

1) At kickoff, have a drink. (fielders choice)

2) The first time Suarez is mentioned specifically as having BITTEN someone, have a drink. (beer)

3) The first tackle on one of our more slight individuals (Coutinho, Aspas, Sterling) that completely upends them, drink (liquor)

4) Any tackle or foul committed by a Liverpool player that results in any of the following: Caution, Sending off, Penalty drink, (liquor) e.g. Agger handball against Stoke.

5) Any time the ref swallows his whistle, and is shown to be mistaken by video replay drink to the level appropriate to the missed call. (Fielders Choice)

6) Any absolute sitter of a goal missed by Liverpool, drink. (Liquor)

7) The first time Suarez's transfer saga is brought up, drink (beer)

8) If the 75th minute has come and gone and Liverpool have made less than 2 substitutions, drink (beer)

9) The first time Liverpool hit the wood work, drink (beer) *

10) Any additional woodwork strikes by Liverpool UNLESS up by 3 goals or more, drink (liquor) *

11) Anytime Liverpool score, drink (fielders choice)

12) Anytime Liverpool allow a goal, drink (both)

13) Halftime, and second half kickoff drink (fielders choice)

14) Anytime that the ball is controlled by Brendan Rogers in his technical area by his feet, drink (beer)

15) At the end of the game, if Liverpool win, drink to celebrate! otherwise finish your drinks.

16) If the camera shows a new Liverpool signee is in the stands, drink (beer)

17) If the Camera shows or the commentators discuss any previous Liverpool Player, drink (beer)**

18) If Joe Allen scores, drink (fielders choice) (yes this means twice)

19) If Enrique has a shot from anywhere that doesn't go in, drink (liquor)


* Unless striking the woodwork results in a goal directly (off the post and in) or indirectly (rebounds to a LFC player, who scores or an opponent who scores an own goal

**Unless the former Liverpool player plays for the opposing side e.g. Peter Crouch/Charlie Adamnit for Stoke.

Please make any posts here geared towards creating discussion. Any works that are copied and pasted from other sites will be deleted. This isn't a place to advertise services or your blog, it's an extension of our site. Please treat it as such.

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