How do you solve a problem without Suarez?

Are we about to find out what life is like having taken the red pill? All I can promise you is it leads to a summer transfer market that promises only bluff and misdirection and expensively at that.

Are we about to disappear down the rabbit hole of a life without Luis Suarez?

Well the answer to both of those questions is clearly yes and aren't we already in those brave new worlds particularly with regard to the prodigul son's current 1/4 season ban?

But the big question for this transfer window hasn't even begun to be properly addressed amongst the chattering classes of Liverpool blogs.

With Suarez probably leaving, Sturridge becomes the only senior striker at the club. Aspas and the Borini are, one would have to say at this juncture, weak alternatives to a lead striker, particularly for a club serious about a top 4 challenge. Aspas is unproven and the youthful Borini lost his perhaps formative season in red to injury.

I commented at the start of Luisgate that it might be difficult for the prodigul son to find another home this summer. Seldom have there been so many leading strikers looking for a move simultaneously and his shenanigans have positioned him for a stink bid - which Liverpool will almost certainly not accept.

However, should a Madrid type suitor stop playing so cool and he does go - in what is likely to be a protracted affair - then does that mean we buy another striker?

* * * * * * * *

FSG have clearly looked at Year Zero, liked what came about with the January signings and perhaps more pertinently saw Rodgers change his style from earlier in the season and took heart from the way Rodgers has improved some of the players (although it has to be said the defence went to ratshit).

So they have made the decision to back him and we see a flurry of "agreed terms" announcements being made in record time with more to come it seems along with spending that looks to be no less than £30m (the budget for last summer's spending), and possibly exceeding £50m if the more extravagant attacking and defensive targets are all realised.

That isn't chump change in anyone's book even with the mooted outgoings of Andy Carroll and a few surplus squad members. Infact it would become the 4th drop of more than £50m sanctioned by our financially savvy, no longer green Mum & Dad entering their 3rd summer of transfers which they hope will not again be categorised as profligacy.

And yet when all is said and done we remain in the position of supposedly challenging for top 4 with a revamped lineup that only has 1 lead striker. You would have to say that isn't consistent with the owner's demonstrated aims for the 2013/14 season thus far.

The frustrating thing for the owners is that just when they could land a real cash bonus from their early spending to provide some relief to the club's large and expanding owner provided overdraft, the relentless cash diet of the modern game rears its ugly head once again and appears to demand a major investment to replace the formidable but unsettled Uruguayan striker.

And to be sure the replacement is not likely to be of the same quality, though you would hope he would fulfil the role admirably.

The owners might point to Aspas who would seem to fit the bill of being the body that gets into the box when that body has so often been missing with Liverpool. The argument is a strong one particularly with a M'khity in the equation too and there's no denying Borini needs playing time which surely becomes difficult to find with another leading striker. Is there even an argument that Alberto can play up top with Danny Boy being a young malleable talent?

So the question is does the 13/14 season rely on Aspas & Borini to fill the front line requirements either with or in the occasional absence of Sturridge, or do we enter the realms of major transfer shenanigans in the form of senior striker recruitment? And Won't that be fun?

Ladies and gentlemen, I open the floor to your most erstwhile opinions.

Please make any posts here geared towards creating discussion. Any works that are copied and pasted from other sites will be deleted. This isn't a place to advertise services or your blog, it's an extension of our site. Please treat it as such.

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