Rodgers Focused on Maintenance with Liverpool Top at Christmas

Clive Brunskill

The final week of 2013 could yet see Liverpool slide from their position atop the Premier League table, but Brendan Rodgers is focused on making sure that the club manage to continue their progress across the rest of the season.

Today is a day to be celebrated. Togetherness, joy, happiness, family, blah blah blah whatever just get the point because LIVERPOOL ARE TOP OF THE PREMIER LEAGUE SOMEONE PUNCH SANTA IN THE FACE TO MAKE ME BELIEVE IT'S REAL. Also, Merry Christmas if you're so inclined. Today is hopefully a fun day that you can enjoy whether or not it's a holiday, and if not, we hope you can enjoy our community if you're planning to stick around. We're fun most of the time, unless someone insults Jordan Henderson or says they're not that into tattoos or aggressive pompadours. Christmas cheer be damned, this is not the place for you.

Brendan Rodgers talked about some things yesterday, and you could probably read those somewhere else, but they're here too if you have us bookmarked and are as lazy as we are. I read things here and on Twitter and ohyoubeauty, and holy Fowler that's way too much as it is. The goods:

"Obviously we're happy and content, but we want to maintain it. From January last year, we've shown we can consistently perform and we can win games on a regular basis. I think we've shown we're a very attack-minded team, we've got the most goals this calendar year of any Barclays Premier League team and it's a consequence of all the great work the guys have put in on the training field. They're getting their reward for it, and during Christmas too, which is a very nostalgic time for the country.

"People always want to know where a team is at [in the standings] around Christmas Day, which is great for us because we want to be top, and we are. But, we want to be there at the end of the season too."

Good stuff from a man most, if not all, have come to acknowledge as being more than worthy of his post and the plaudits that have started to come his way. He's begun to strike a terrific balance between hyperbole and real talk; it's helpful that reality is more closely aligning with heightened expectations, but by any standard Brendan Rodgers has had a fantastic 2013. Let's hope 2014 is even better.

So I'm feeling celebratory for plenty of reasons, regardless of what comes this week, as I'm set to celebrate one of my favorite holidays and follow it up with an exciting and terrifying top-of-the-table Boxing Day matchup for Liverpool. Slightly impossible and probably a fever dream, but still, mostly good whether or not it sends us further down the rabbit hole.

Also, here's some music I've been listening to for about two months straight. Some of it is bad. Some of it isn't. All of it will be irrelevant tomorrow. Except the Ella Fitzgerald, because she's always relevant.

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