Blowing the whistle on bad Reffing and the FA

I think that this is possibly the worse season in the ,fairly short,history of the EPL for bad Ref decisions and we are only 12 games into it.

In the Stoke vs Sunderland game Ref Kevin Friend was no friend of Wes Brown and showed a straight red for a tackle where it showed he never touched another player. For this error the FA have suspended Kevin Friend for two weeks.

Then we look to the Rooney incident where obviously Neil Swarbrick saw it to issue a yellow card..but in his mind kicking out at a player away from the ball is really not that big a deal. Rooney then went on to score which compounded Cardiff's frustration.

There was also Medel's fist to the face of Fellaini which the FA decided was not worth taking action over. They maybe thought he was coiffing the fro..... not sure they would have felt the same if Suarez had done it.

Need I mention Miralla's stud kung fu on our Uruguayan wonder?

So from this we can see the FA stand firmly and act against Ref's falsely accusing a player thus punishing them but seem ok with Ref's more than lenient ( I would go so far as saying cowardly) handling of career threatening tackles or blatant assault on another player when away from the ball. Seems a rational and balanced approach by Football's governing body doesn't it?

Recently when Chelsea's Ramires decided to thrown himself into a WBA player and won that penalty which stole 2 points from Steve Clark's men he was later called by Official's chief Mike Riley to apologizes for Ref Andre Marriner's bad call. It doesn't get them their 2 points back or remove Chelsea's point.

This is just the very tip of the iceberg concerning bad decisions by Refs this season but I don't want to wade through any more BS than I have too.

So what's the answer? I believe all Refs should be answerable for such bad calls. The FA should remove the law that no decisions can be overturned if the Ref during the game acted upon an incident even if replays prove it to be completely wrong.I also feel a 5th Official should be watching monitors of the game and when a moment like that comes along where the play has stopped a mere word in the Ref's ear viva his ear piece would help put light on an incident.

Something has to change though because for some Clubs those vital points stolen from them could lead to relegation and thus a massive financial penalty... considered around 40 mil for dropping out of the EPL. It could also place some teams into a top 4 place unfairly and thus gaining a massive financial bonus and CL next season.Also the small matter of players injuring other players and potential ending their career or dramatically affecting it negatively.

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