Dear Santa......

I have been a good boy this year...(erm,you know that thing which thingy did was nothing to do with me ...right?) I am sitting here feverishly waiting to list everything I want.

It actually may be the triple espresso and 8 mince pies I just gulped and scoffed but I'm feeling kinda confident about you coming by with a very big sack of goodies this year.I noticed you are already in the Christmas mood due to lending out your private jet for one of the Elves. It's hard to keep up with the modern times and I feel a little somber because no more Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Cupid,Donner,Blitzen and of course Rudolf gracing the skies as you pass over....just chem trails (according to some mutterings). But times and demands have changed I guess so ..carry on. I'll still be stubborn and use a wood stove,shoe shoes and wish upon a star.

Anyway,the list..... I had it somewhere....oh,yeah Tiny had a furball incident but I reckon it's still legible,with some scraping.

I don't want to sound harsh or judgmental but there is a slight problem on the left...maybe in keeping with the Christmas spirit we could over look it and hope for the best. Compared to the horror that once dwelt there with the shinny head it's really not that bad for now.

Lucas could do with some support... a young fella maybe who he could take the Big Brother approach with,,, If you happen to be in the Lazio neighborhood then there's a young man by the name of Ogenyi Onazi who may want to hitch a ride this way. I don't know much about him but is International level and everyone else speaks fondly of him. *cough*cough*... sorry,almost choked on my coffee,...erm,yeah.... Taider was the man but Inter got their Claus into him already (pun intended Santa).

Huh,not much of a list yet.... Montoya! Yeah..why don't you see if your fancy new sleigh will help bring him over this way. No offence meant by that Santa,it's actually got me all impressed and warmed my heart with such a gesture (I had enough for a cab fare and was willing to donate it.)

Reus would be wonderful and I know that's pushing it..a man can dream though...right Santa?

Mata maybe,I hear that some filthy rich guy and a 'special one' are holding him in a lonely tower somewhere.I could organize some boys I know to go after him...count coup on the enemy and bring him back.

I'm tired now,the caffeine 'n' sugar have worn off but I'll get to the list in a week or two,maybe a few friends could do some shout outs which I'll put down on paper.

One last thing....could you find a nice home for a young man by the name of Adam Morgan? He deserves a second chance somewhere.

...and please,do everyone a favor and make sure Phil Jones gets that plastic surgery.It's not fair that so many kids are having nightmares (ok maybe that was going too far...sorry).

Well,thanks for reading this and remember...a Christmas bonus does wonders for morale.



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