Suarez Working "For the Future of the Club"

Paul Thomas

It's been strange ride to this point with Luis Suarez and Liverpool, and the Uruguayan has again assured supporters that, despite trying to engineer a move away in the summer, he's committed to helping Liverpool achieve as much success as possible.

When it became clear that Luis Suarez wouldn't be leaving Merseyside this summer--somewhere after the hammer blow dealt by John Henry in early August--the oft-cited logic was that the way the striker's mind grapes were wired wouldn't allow for anything less than the requisite 253% effort. His heart might not be fully invested in Liverpool, but something about the way he plays the game would prevent any let-off.

And, for the most part, that's been borne out, with the occasional moments of frustration or petulance far outweighed by the dynamism and skill he's brought to Liverpool's attack. His partnership with Daniel Sturridge is one of the highlights of the early season for the club, and growth in the understanding between the pair is on display from week to week. For the Uruguayan, that's only natural, and it's part of a larger goal of getting Liverpool back among the league's best:

"We are trying for progression. (Daniel Sturridge) is 24 and I am 26, so we are trying our best to progress for the future of the club. We know in the last few seasons, Liverpool have been not been in the Champions League and we know we can help the team challenge for the top four. We will try our best [to improve], but Liverpool is not only Suarez and Sturridge - it's the whole team.

Now, with Daniel we are trying our best and we can improve. Maybe in a few years I will be able to say my best partnership was with Daniel Sturridge, especially if we can continue to progress. The responsibility is with him now - not me! Whether Danny scores, I score, or Stevie or another player scores, I am so happy and so are the team. When you have one man in the area, it's more important. I am not a real No.9 in the area, but Daniel is more so and that's important for me and the team. If he shoots or if I shoot, we are both strikers and we understand. We can discuss it on the pitch, but we work really well together."

It doesn't feel too cynical to dismiss much of what he says about the club as not carrying any weight, mostly because of that whole wanting to leave thing. But there's little to contradict that he's working his best for the club; perhaps it's more accurately a matter of him working hard for himself, and the benefits for Liverpool are secondary to that, but whatever the case, his efforts will have an impact on the club's future, for better or worse.

Evidence since his return suggests that the impact should be a positive one, and the hope is that the understanding between the two continues to flourish as the squad behind them takes shape. Like it or not, he's going to be an important part of the club's future. Even if he won't be around to enjoy it.

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