Brendan Rodgers Appointed Liverpool Manager


As expected, the central---and pretty much sole---focus of the early presser at Anfield today was the unveiling of Brendan Rodgers as Liverpool's new manager. Reactions have trended positively since Rodgers gave his first official interview, and rightly so given the confidence and clarity with which he fielded a range of questions. Managerial tenures aren't defined on the first day, and there's plenty of work to be done, but there's a healthy dose of optimism around Rodgers and his plans for moving the club forward.

I've included one of the only embeddable videos of Rodgers' press conference below, and will include a lengthier/different one later on in the day as they become available. If you've got the e-season ticket for the offal they've got an exclusive prior to the press conference, and there's a range of reactions they've included across the site as well.

There's not much interest in what Ian Ayre has to say on the matter, though, and the best bits obviously come from Rodgers himself. He seems aware of the task at hand and the amount of work that will be required, and even better, that appears to be the type of environment in which he thrives.

All that's left now is the doing, and for one of the few times since the calendar turned, I've found myself looking forward to seeing Liverpool in action. As we've said, that doesn't necessarily mean he's the perfect choice, but there's plenty of indicators that this could be the start of Liverpool heading in a more effective and, at least as far as the football's concerned, a more positive direction.

Here's a few comments from Rodgers, plucked from Liverpool's lengthy interview. And, as is the case whenever someone new arrives, we say welcome to Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers, and best of luck.

On the Club's tradition and current frustrations:

"First and foremost I want to defend the principles of this great club which is about offensive, creative football, with tactical discipline. The history of the club was the attraction. Also, the frustrations - it's been nearly 20 years since they've won the league title. And the realism is that we might not be ready for the title now but the process begins today and it's a new cycle. That's something we'll work towards in the years to come."

On his history and career:

"My pathways as a young coach and manager have been different to most. Even though I'm young in age, I've actually been coaching and working in football for nearly 20 years. I think what really helped me was the fact that I had four-and-a-half fantastic years at Chelsea, where I had the experience of working with big players."

On his approach to squad members:

"Footballers are footballers, they want to learn, they want to be educated and want to improve. That's something that I've done with all types of player, young and senior, throughout my career. It's about people, for me it doesn't matter where people are in terms of status. I always take them as human beings. I never judge anyone; I never look at their status. For me, whether you're a League Two player or a top Premier League player, it's about respect."

On leaving Swansea:

"The only time I want to talk about Swansea today is to give them thanks - and to the nation of Wales, because my time there with the media and the people has been incredible. It was a really special two years for me at Swansea City. We created history by becoming the first Welsh team to gain promotion to the Barclays Premier League. It's a sad day to leave Swansea, of course, because I have so many friends there. What we created has been incredible, really. I've got huge respect for them as a football club and as people."

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