Danny Murphy is a Bitter Man

Damn Spaniard took Danny's jerb.

If Liverpool, following the lead of Roy Hodgson and to the cheers of the London media, has been moving away from cries of "We're not English, we are Scouse" and towards a leadership roll at the forefront of the England First/Bring Back '66 brigade, it seems that Danny Murphy would very much like a seat at the table. Maybe in January, even, if something can be worked out.

Seems that beyond being a big Hodgson supporter (at least when he's not taking the time to point out how much more adventurous Fulham has been under new boss Hughes), it never sat well with Murphy that he got pushed out of the Liverpool midfield by a vastly superior player.

After all, Murphy was English, so by God he didn't deserve that sort of treatment at the hands of some dirty continental type. And a Spaniard no less! Probably all because the coach was Spanish, too. That would explain things.

Or at least it would seem to, going by Murphy's latest comments where he's once again sticking his nose into Liverpool business:

“There was an influx of Spanish and foreign players and staff and that took away from what Liverpool was all about. It has been going on for years."

Come off it, Danny, I don't think you'll find even the most ardent Rafa-basher who thinks he didn't give everything he had for the club. Still, perhaps it's too much to blame it on xenophobia when it could just be down to the bitterness of a player not good enough for a side looking to take a real run at the league. Whatever the case, I reckon that if you polled supporters on which current player most represented the spirit of the club the name most mentioned wouldn't be of a local born lad, and in fact might be of somebody who doesn't wear red when he runs out with the rest of the squad. And is Spanish. Ah well, you know what, Danny--and this is also regardless of why you said what you said--I'd have Alonso back before you in a heartbeat.

But hey, maybe he--and the rest of the English tabloid establishment--is right. Who needs famous European nights and the terraces of Rome and pass and move football and club over country when you can embrace the best of England's past national glory as a hoof-and-hope mid-table outfit. Just have to ship out Agger and Lucas in January, maybe Torres in the summer, bring in Hesky and maybe that solid English lad Danny Murphy and we'll be where we all want to be in no time--HOOF!

Now look, Danny boy, I don't want to sound as bitter as you obviously are, but at the risk of doing just that: go do one. I for one will be thrilled if you aren't in red at the end of January.

*UPDATE: While I was fighting with Word Press in an attempt to get this post to actually publish, Grubb was using the comment section of the last post to do a better job talking about the "English over talent" situation than I was. So go read that if you haven't already./UPDATE*

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